January 30, 2017

Australia Day or Invasion Day? There are Far More Reasons to Celebrate than Denigrate our National Day.


There are Far More Reasons to Celebrate than to Denigrate our Great Nation.

In response to Andrew Bolt’s article in the Herald-Sun: ABC Dreams on Date Change (30/1) a few things need to be pointed out.

The lifeblood of the aboriginal community is victimisation and failure; without this there is no funding or political influence. Lenin once articulated the mantra of leftist activism so well:”The Worse the Better,” (he also affectionately called followers of leftist activism “useful idiots.”)

In general, the aboriginal community, all across Australia, is directionless, aimless and dysfunctional. No surprises there. There is a complete lack of leadership and what passes for academic debate hinges on rationalising the irrational and breathtakingly stupid (they have a job to support after all).

How do we know this? Because nearly everything the aboriginal community does is reactionary – it reacts to the actions of others. There is no proactive leadership other than instilling in the young either guilt or anger. This nefarious outcome only leads to more tragic consequences, that in turn, drums up more business for the insidious reactionaries; and on it goes.

Do you know anyone who has ever worked themselves out of a job? I don’t and with good reason they need failure and tragic statistics to keep going to keep themselves relevant. Many talented black youth are walking away from this and focusing on making a positive contribution; the mainstream offers a release and a way out.

Anyone with a cursory knowledge of history (including the ABC) knows there was no invasion of Australia as we generally understand the term to mean. Yes, there was a usurpation of power and control of resources that was gradual and eventually consequential. Fact is: we are all here because of what happened in 1788 and enjoy the world benefits of what happened in 1901 with federation. So talk of date changes are meaningless.

There is no ‘white racism’ there is just racism used by some (weak) people with power and influence to ensure that predominantly young black men and women never realise their true aspirational and leadership potential. Living in a meritocracy where we assess people on merit; racism is offensive to all who believe in a fair go.

We are all minorities. What Australia Day does is remind us how fortunate we are to live in a great and beautiful nation as we do. As still a relatively young nation we are a work in progress. There is much we can all do to raise the living standards of all Australians in a positive and proactive way.

There are far more reasons to celebrate than to denigrate our national day.

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