Movie Review: Alien: Covenant 3.5 Stars

I enjoyed this movie: 3.5 Stars. The problem with successful movie franchises like Alien and Star Wars in particular, is you have to watch the movie in context of the other movies. Accordingly, you judge the film in comparison of how the story fits in with the movie franchise as a whole. The Alien storyline is

Movie Review: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 3.5 Stars

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 Nearly, but not as good as the original: 3.5 Stars. Don’t get me wrong, sequels always have a much harder job to impress audiences, especially when the original was really good; the bar has been set much higher. The movie has a great story with impressive special effects. However, my only complaint is how some scenes

Movie Review: Ghost in the Shell 3 Stars

I enjoyed this Movie more for it’s special effects than it’s adaptation as a story: 3 Stars. Ghost in the Shell is an intricate blend of futuristic, sci-fi anime; and it works.   I particularly liked the Aristotle- like philosophical statement that is mentioned a couple of times throughout the movie;   I am paraphrasing but it goes

Movie Review: Get Out 4 Stars

I didn’t know what to make of this movie when I watched the trailer. I could tell it was an inter-racial couple; going by the old but increasingly irrelevant term that characterised a black white intimate relationship. An African-American man, Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) is dating a white woman, Rose Armitage (Allison Williams). Ok, I thought, looks interesting. Initially, judging

Movie Review: Life 3.5 Stars

Life is based on the International Space Station where a six member crew have discovered there is extraterrestrial life in the universe. Roy Adams (Ryan Reynolds), with the aid of a space arm, manages to catch a wayward space probe that’s been knocked off course by a meteor storm. A small cellular organism from Mars

Movie Review Kong: Skull Island 4 Stars.

I enjoyed this fantasy movie. Suspending disbelief and allowing yourself to come along for the ride is what Kong: Skull Island is all about. Its fun, scary, suspenseful and occasionally touching; but never dull. Based in the early 1970s, a secret US government funded operation is set in motion concerning the identity of a mysterious

Movie Review Logan: 4 Stars

Logan with Hugh Jackman as the Wolverine 4 Stars. The Year is 2029 and Mutants aren’t the dominant force in the world they were once envisioned to be. In fact, they are a depressing shell of their former existence. Logan (Hugh Jackman) seems like most bitter men his age drinking the days away and taking hourly

Movie Review Lion: 4 Stars

Lion: 4 Stars. I enjoyed this movie. Based on a true story about an Australian man of Indian descent (played well by Dev Patel), troubled by the events of his childhood; sets out to find the family he lost. If this movie doesn’t pull on your heartstrings then you simply don’t have one. Yes, I

Movie Review Fences: 3 Stars

Denzel Washington directs and stars in this movie about a poor black family living in the 1950s city of Pittsburgh. The story centres upon Troy Maxson; a sanitation worker (garbage collector). His wife Rose (played very well by Viola Davis) has been married to him for 18 years. They have one mid teenage son Corey,

Movie Review Patriots Day 4 Stars

A Very Moving Tribute; I Enjoyed Patriots Day; 4 Stars. The movie displays the events surrounding the bombing of the Boston Marathon on the 15th April 2013; now infamously known as the Boston Bombing. Like any true story surrounding an horrific event perpetuated by low life characters that attack the innocent- we in turn, also see good people