Movie Review Moonlight 4 Stars

Moonlight 4 Stars. I like a movie that surprises me and exceeds expectations; as Moonlight does so well. I read the film reviews stating that this is a ‘coming of age,’ story (whatever that means, which frankly, I think is lazy or a ‘safe verdict’ for a reviewer when dealing with uncomfortable issues such as

Movie Review: Split 3.5 Stars

As the title of the film suggests, M. Night Shyamalan has chosen split personalities as the theme of this movie. Like many other moviegoers who are aware of this director’s previous works, deep down, we always hope that he can duplicate the tremendous success and wonderful film Sixth Sense; but this film falls short. The

Movie Review: Moana 4 Stars

I Loved this Movie. Disney has created a great family movie that kids (and kids at heart) will thoroughly enjoy. Moana is the daughter of the island chieftain and next in line for island leadership. Her father had had a bad experience with the sea and forbade any venturing beyond the surf. Moana looked to

Movie Review: La La Land 4 Stars

Written and Directed by Damien Chazelle, who had a surprise hit last year with Whiplash last. La La Land is a colourfully artistic musical movie about: pursuing one’s dreams, falling in love and ultimately, considering which of these has a higher value. Emma Stone, stars as an aspiring actress Mia whose persistence (and resilience) shines