January 7, 2017

Cruise Ship Review: Celebrity Millennium 1 Star


I arrived on this magnificent cruise ship on the 2nd of January and I have been impressed everyday since. The name of this majestic cruise liner is Celebrity Millennium.

Admittedly, this is my first ship cruise, so I have nothing to compare this with, but I know great service when I experience it.

This is a 12 day cruise around South East Asia.

On the first day, I checked in with the Celebrity Millennium in Singapore and we’ll make stopovers in Thailand and, Vietnam on our way to Hong Kong, China.

We are now midway through our journey (we just left Bangkok, Thailand) and I will post more updates and further details of the ship along the way.

9th of January: Docked at port near City of Saigon, Vietnam.

Saigon is an impressive city, spent the day visiting museums and landmarks of interest e.g famous embassy where the last US Forces chopper flew off when the Viet Cong and the North Vietnamese army took over the city in 1975. The Sky deck building was impressive with breath-taking views of the city and surrounding countryside. We had lunch at the balcony of The Rex Hotel, famous for being the hotel of choice of western media that reported daily on this first television war. Tomorrow, we will heading north to spend the day visiting an ancient Vietnamese town known as Hoi Anh.


14th of January: Arrived at final destination: City of Kowloon, China.

Finished the cruise on the 14th of January docking at Kowloon (opposite Hong Kong). This was a fine cruise right up until I discovered they took $900 out of my account they had no right to (not cool especially when you’re on holiday). The money was eventually restored but only because I pursued this matter and questioned it vigorously (makes you wonder how often this happens).

For an otherwise pleasant cruise with great meals, entertainment and first class luxury facilities (swimming on a cruise ship under moonlight is amazing), this unauthorised deduction has left a sour taste in my mouth. I also noticed, when we were disembarking at Kowloon, some kids were detained by ship security because there was an issue with their parent’s bill (they soon came back aboard- very upset). Personally, I think this matter could have been handled better.

However, having said all this: I have developed a love for cruise ships, just the next time I travel will be with another cruise-liner.

Take Care & Cheers



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