November 11, 2016

Doctor Strange Movie Review


Great Flick 4 Stars.

Dr. Strange appealed to me on many levels. The story, special effects, casting, cinematography, acting and direction were a cut above.

I enjoyed this movie. I found it visually stunning and if you can, see it in 3D for a full impact of amazing special effects.

Films that have the religious/spiritual/metaphysical aspects to it have always appealed to me i.e The ‘Force’ in Star Wars, Or Neo being the ‘One’ who realises his true potential in The Matrix Trilogy; movies such as these, I think, appeal to many of us on a subconscious level.

Whether it be our religious impulse to believe in a Higher Self, a Supernatural Caring Creative Force or a deep-set primal form of our ancient ancestor’s survival magic (to catch dinner on a daily basis) I don’t really know.

What I do know is: its very exciting to think we all have dormant mystical powers that if we only develop a deep spiritual belief or exercise our hidden abilities with meditation, whether it be accessing our, over-time ‘calcified,’ Pineal Gland or Our Third Eye. Or, if we only tapped into each of our 7 main Chakra’s or Harry Potter-like we said some cryptic latin phrases, as we cast a spell with our wand; we could then have our will realised in the material world.

Some cultures says magic is bargaining with spirits to carry out the impossible and will often leave gifts with a visualised meditation to get spirits to do their bidding. Ancient Egypt or ‘Kemet’ means the land of Magic and, surprisingly, no where in their language is there an equivalent for religion- they knew only magic.

Today the countries of Tibet and Nepal have taken that mantle (read Magic & Mystery in Tibet by Alexandra David-Neel for some incredible stories on the subject). The movie’s hero, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, ventures to Nepal in desperation for magic authenticity or street cred to resolve his dilemma.

I know of many examples in my personal experience that suggest there is something magical, mysterious or Divine that exists. Science even ventures into this field: Quantum physics has many examples of ‘Strange’ or ‘Spooky’ results e.g Double Slit experiment, Entanglement etc)- but that is for another day.

The movie’s storyline takes a hardcore (and egotistical) scientist/empiricist Neurosurgeon (he insists on being called Doctor) who suffers a major trauma and searches for the ‘impossible;’ a cure for his debilitating career-ending injuries. In essence: he is having an identity/spiritual crisis because he has lost his purpose. His search takes him to Nepal to meet the ancient master that helps him to ‘believe, ‘ expand his consciousness and study ancient magical texts. Or, in the words of Bruce Lee ’empty his cup’ of what you think you know. The story blends spiritual and metaphysical aspects of consciousness with Quantum Physics’ phenomena so well. Especially in relation to bending Space Time and transitioning to alternate dimensions. However, I think, a flaw in the story is when he says he took a hippocratic oath ‘ to do no harm.’ If thats the case then you shouldn’t be in the super-hero business; I may be wrong, but I don’t think this glaring dilemma was ever properly resolved (but hey, it is a marvel Comic book story and perhaps I should relax and let go, or look for the deeper alternate meaning.)

If only we ‘let go of the ego,’ we can realise our true potential. I like this message. Through daily eternal vigilance and spiritual awakening; I’ll keep aspiring to make my life as magical as possible.

Take Care & Cheers



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