I seem to write more productively in the evening than any other time of the day. This can often extend into the early hours of the morning when there are far less distractions in the calm of the night. If anyone is familiar with the concept of flow will know that is what I aim for. A full emergence in the task at hand.

I get my original ideas from personal experience, my desires, hopes and wishful thinking. Take the Akashic Telescope for instance. As a lawyer and a historian I have often thought wouldn’t it be far better if we really knew the absolute truth rather than deduce it from evidence and common experience? What if there were an omniscient device that saw and knew everything and we could access it? I think this would be really good and put to rest a lot of debate and controversy over an event. So, it all begins with the: ‘What if’ start to a sentence stem for the budding writer to complete; and voila there is the basis for your story.

Once I get an idea or a subject I want to write about, I outline a general structure, add some characters and some Best Bits (highlights and climatic moments) and get started. The rest happens from there.

The magic of starting opens a portal and the rest takes care of itself. I often think this portal has the story already formed and you as the writer are merely an instrument of expression.

I really don’t know where the ideas comes from once the story starts. This portal seems to have a mind of its’ own. It may surprise people to know that sometimes even I am surprised how things turn out or what a character says or does. I love these moments for I am the first reader; it all makes sense in the end.

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