Bad Boy Seeks Nice Girl: Lookin’ for My Last Date


Bukowski’s Deli,
Arlington, Virginia, USA

The shop door opens with the ringing sound of the old style bell. It is late afternoon, and getting hot, but Mrs. Bukowski knows that is not the reason her daughter Peggy flushes a radiant red complexion.
She greets the young man as he enters the small country town’s local delicatessen, “It’s always good to see you, Samuel.”
Samuel strides up to the counter gives her a mischievous grin with a wink and tips his baseball cap, “I know.”
Both Peggy and Mrs. Bukowski give a raised eyebrow look to each other, silently laughing at how full of himself Samuel can be on occasion. They know that he means it as boyish charm; he is a ‘looker’ who can turn the young ladies’ heads as he walks past on the street or at the local dance hall. Peggy is so flustered that she immediately bursts into giggles.
“Hi Peggy, it’s always good to see you too,” Samuel looks at the young woman with braids. Then he looks at the older lady straightening up the displays in the glass cabinet of meats and cheeses trays and offers to her, “And you as well[…]”

Excerpt From: Jason A. Briggs. Bad Boy Seeks Nice Girl.
All Rights Reserved: Copyright 2016.


Bad Boy Seeks Nice Girl: Lookin’ for My Last Date

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