Sarah Winters: Coming to Terms


Sarah sat in shocked silence, her mind reeling from her discovery. How had Leon gotten all these phone, I.Ds and credit cards? If he had gotten them from Claude, why hadn’t he returned them? Where had all the other I.D.s and passport pages come from? Why did he have them in the first place?

She knew there had to be a rational explanation for everything. Surely, the receipts from the Vatican had to be a coincidence. It was full of tourists and as a busker; Leon would perform where there were lots of people gathered.

What about the bottle of pills, a tiny voice inside her mind whispered but Sarah had an excuse for that as well. She had no idea what kind of pills those were; they could be over-the-counter pain pills or even vitamins for all she knew.

He mooched off you, the nasty little voice returned.

Excerpt From: Jason A. Briggs. Sarah Winters: Coming to Terms.
All Rights Reserved: Copyright 2016.


Sarah Winters: Coming to Terms

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