The Akashic Telescope: Order From Chaos Part I

Chapter 1. A Sumerian Patriarch

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good people do nothing.
Edmund Burke

‘O God that one may read the Book of Fate’.
William Shakespeare, King Henry IV.

1. Baghdad, Iraq

September 11th 2011

At a time drawing near the end of the day, a diminishing golden glow verges on the horizon. The sun is leaving this part of the world.

A silver haired man, distinguished by years and experience, sits studying in a dilapidated rented apartment in the bustling city of post-war Baghdad.

Little does he know; he is being watched.

Excerpt From: Jason A. Briggs. “The Akashic Telescope: Order from Chaos Pt. l.
All Rights Reserved. Copyright 2016.


The Akashic Telescope: Order From Chaos Part I

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