The Akashic Telescope: Order From Chaos Part II

Chapter 8. Akasha Space: The Final Frontier Rejoice that your names are written in heaven.
Luke 10.20

1. It Begins: The Angel in the Whirlwind.

MSNBC News Broadcast: “In today’s financial new, the Dow Jones Industrial Index made startling gains of 10% on yesterdays’ trading. This sharp rise was due mainly to new quarterly reports of record profits and large volume trades of blue chip industrial, financial and tech stocks. Oil prices have dropped considerably to lows not seen in 10 years. The Bond Market is also up with a corresponding decreasing yield; in turn making the cost of government borrowing cheaper.

The value of U.S Treasury Bonds edged upward on news the Federal Reserve Chairman, Allan Berwanke, who yesterday was giving a speech to a Wall Street Journal function, stated that earlier today the Fed bought $8 Billion dollars worth of US Bonds; in alignment with their policy aim of purchasing $600 Billion in total; so as to keep interest rates low and the economy in good shape. Berwanke further announced that America’s interest rates will remain at zero percent for the foreseeable future: “We may have caused the Great Depression in 1929, but today we have learned to do things far more efficiently in this increasingly complex financial world.

We, at the Federal Reserve, act effectively within the national and global interests when we remain unimpeded and self-regulating. Growing calls for so-called greater transparency and an audit of the Fed will only lead to a tsunami of chaos in the financial markets; resulting in a crippling loss of investor confidence that will inevitably have our economy resembling: a Third World smoky ruin.

Excerpt From: Jason A Briggs. The Akashic Telescope: Order From Chaos Part II
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The Akashic Telescope: Order From Chaos Part II

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