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Sprayable Sleep:

Highly Recommended 4.5 Stars.

This is an amazing product.

I find a product that professes to help you sleep and actually delivers is very impressive. However, the delivery is strange: you have to spray both sides of your neck (When the product first arrived, I was so intrigued to test it out I actually sprayed it directly into my mouth (it looks like a breathe-freshner spray :)) it pays to read the instructions first- there was no ill effect just a slight bitter taste). The main active ingredient is the natural sleep hormone Melatonin.

I hasten to add, I am not an insomniac. I do, sometimes, have difficulty staying asleep though. I am a person who usually gets by on between 4-6 hours a sleep a night (my best time for writing is late at night) This is not the recommended time for a good night sleep- usually the length of time the scientists say is between 8-9 hours sleep a night (this being sufficient for most age groups).

And God knows what happens when I travel by air. Jet lag is a problem for me (a disruption to my body clock crossing time-zones goes haywire) I usually take at least a day to recover from a 10-12 hour flight. (I once slept for 20 hours straight when I arrived in Rome from Melbourne). I took Sprayable Sleep on my last 10hour flight and slept most of the way. I arrived at my destination feeling quite refreshed.

A few things about the process of sleep I’ve noticed over the years: A Powernap is a great energizer throughout the day- 20- 30 minutes is all that is needed to give you a boost. Any longer and you become quite groggy, having entered REM (Rapid Eye Movement or dream) sleep means the body wants longer.

I personally have to stop drinking (and eating) caffeine after 4pm (caffeine can stay in the body for up to 8 hours- this includes Tea/Coffee and yes, even Chocolate has some caffeine in it as well). I have found if I drink a can of diet soda a couple of hours before I go to bed is not good. I find my heart has been racing when I’m asleep or my digestion has been working over time and I wake up feeling very tired. Don’t take my word for it- stop consuming caffeine at night and notice a big difference the next day upon waking. I also find if I eat KFC, pizza or eat sweet things prior to going to sleep I wake up with a very sore stomach.

I don’t use Sprayable Sleep every night (I don’t need to) but usually on a Friday and Saturday night so I can sleep late into the morning. And the best thing about the product is you wake up feeling completely refreshed and satisfied with a great night’s sleep (I haven’t felt this way for many years). I don’t think it was an expectation or a placebo effect (I was quite skeptical about the product assuming it wouldn’t work), so you can imagine my surprise waking up after I first used it.

I Highly Recommend this Product and have recently bought a couple more bottles. I think I can confidently say: a can of Sprayable Sleep will always be in my bedside table drawer.

Sprayable Sleep Link: http://tinyurl.com/jmvypj6

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