November 10, 2016

Keep Elections in Perspective.


Today I tweeted: Whoever gets into Govt. does not, in any way, determine my level of happiness or the pursuit of my aspirations. Build a Bridge: Get Over it!

Let’s Keep Elections in Perspective; the Doomsayers are already making their glib predictions and mobilising protests because they didn’t get their way. It is not the end of the world. In fact, many opportunities arise whatever shade of politics gets into power.

Whether it be the Left or the Right or Tweetle Dee or Tweetle Dum takes the reigns of power, they are limited within the constitutional framework with what they can actually do- and by who controls parliament/congress. Or whether Treasury has the means to pay the new election promises/policy bills. And whether the established Bureaucracy is compliant and efficient in its’ delivery of government promises.

On top of all this is the Sword of Damocles theory of government, an inhibition on executive power that the 4th Estate Media plays a crucial role in. As history has often shown: many an arrogant government has suffered/ been impaled, by the historical sting of being a one term wonder and turfed out of office if they stepped out of line.

Western democracies don’t give their leaders carte blanche powers to do whatever they want. But our societies do give people the means to effectively be in control of their lives and importantly their state of mind. The Sky is not falling and tomorrow the sun will still shine and, if it rains, it will fall on all of us. I’ll still be pursuing my aspirations, seeking opportunities and realising my hopes and dreams regardless of who takes government. Because, importantly, I know some universal truths: Most social change happens independent of government and fundamentally, as well as exclusively, it’s private Markets that primarily determines value and creates a nation’s wealth.

Have a Great Day.

Cheers & Take Care


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