November 12, 2016

The Real No BS Non PC Rules to Success


I’ve Recently Tweeted: Self HelpBooks don’t tell us anything new: Know what You Want, Create a Plan, Stick to it, Monitor Results, Adjust Accordingly (Rpt)=Success.
This may sound cynical but it isn’t really; there is more to it.
The Real No BS Non PC Secrets of life Success can be encapsulated in five phrases:
1) Playing the Percentages
2) Let Go the Ego;
3) Reading the Play;
4) Develop Cunning; and
5) Convey the Right Image.
It would be nice to think we live in a world where we share our thoughts, hopes and aspirations and voila, everyone and anyone will help you to achieve your ambitions. This is a plan fraught with hazards. We like to think we live in a society where merit and ability (things within our control) will be decided and assessed fairly and awarded to the most able and most deserving. The reality is often very different. When you think about it, romantic notions of fairness are very subjective. Most people don’t leave things to chance and have made decisions of who will be successful ahead of time.
The reality is we live in a highly competitive world, and even if this wasn’t necessarily the case; a simple, but often overlooked fact is: the biggest guide to a person’s motivation is their own self interest. Polite society would frown on such vulgar displays of so-called selfish behaviour but the cunning, the manipulative and the discerning have risen to the top more often than not (often over people more deserving). We all know this to be true: the best person doesn’t always get the job. The most able do not always rise to the occasion. Natural leaders are usually the last to be considered for a management role, if they haven’t stitched up the job before hand with the decision makers. Based on the Peter Principle: the average manager does not want an underling manager to have more ability than they do. On the career ladder, it’s much better to be on top, safe in your position, than have an overly ambitious leader the next rung down from you.
Given this reality how do we get ahead?
Well, the most logical way is to start your own business- you set the culture and mission statement. Merit and hard work is rewarded. But please know: networking and marketing are essential for business success. Thinking you will make it because the public will see your value and come to you in droves, has burst the hopes and dreams of many an ambitious entrepreneur- the trail of business failure is thousands of miles long. Appreciate you don’t know everything and that there are support services, to help you get noticed; this is crucial for your long term business survival. I can’t emphasise enough: Marketing and networking must seriously be considered in your business planning strategy.
Just start; you will learn as you go along. Be upfront with people about your inexperience; you’d be surprised at how many will give you a chance (as long as you keep them in the loop).

If you aim to move up the corporate ladder of an existing organisation; the following needs to be considered:
Playing the Percentages is vital for success. This seemingly harmless phrase is often misunderstood. It can be compared to Game Theory. Just say you were looking to pick up a lady at a bar as an example. The law of averages says that at least one woman would be interested in you out of every 10 you ask. So be confident in knowing that every time you get knocked back this means: you are getting closer to your goal (who knows you may strike it lucky at the start). Remove the word failure from your vocabulary. As NLP makes it clear: There is no Failure only Feedback. Learn what works and what doesn’t. Be persistent, keep going, make any necessary adjustments from your feedback and the law of success is a certainty. It is no coincidence that every year- at all the world’s major Poker Championships; the same faces turn up in the finals every time – they use this technique to put the odds in their favour.
Let Go the Ego
Many people are reluctant to start anything new or take a risk, thinking that what happens is a reflection of their self worth. Not true. This is your ego talking. Say often and regularly: ‘I let go of the ego.’ This powerful phrase makes things incredibly easier. What people think of you is none of your business. They may think you’re simple or out of your depth or worse. This is something you can do little about. If you conduct yourself with dignity and integrity; you will have little to worry about. In the business and career game: becoming valuable is what it’s all about. People may laugh at you at the start. However, they will often be the first to boast they know you when the sum total of your strategic efforts all come together. Your aim is not to be popular; this is fickle thinking. Your aim is to be respected for what you do (even our enemies will involuntarily respect us if we are any good at what we do).

Reading the Play:
To appreciate this ability we need only look to sports: the fastest, tallest, strongest or even the most skilled in the game do not always win the ball. When we look at the end result of most competitive games, we see a name that regularly comes up: this person often looks average to say the least. They get more possessions, goals, touches and assists than anyone else on their team. This seems counter intuitive. But these athletes know a secret that most others on the same team don’t know or don’t appreciate as much as they do:
Most people chase the ball which seems the right thing to do- the ball is the objective- so go get it! But like most rules of success in life; the indirect approach is often the best. Those who read the play have worked out ahead of time where the ball is going to be, and accordingly, they manoeuvre themselves to that position so the ball comes to them. The statistics do not lie and time after time these players are the most valuable in their teams. So stop chasing and strategically position yourself. For when the time comes; you’ll be ready to receive that which you desire the most.

Develop Cunning:
A major success factor to consider is the often neglected word: cunning. In this PC world this misunderstood word is shunned, for it implies devious behaviour; it isn’t. In nature, predators, since time immemorial, have studied their prey/objectives to get what they want. The incumbent occupying the position you desire always has a flaw or weakness you need to identify- so you’ll look better in certain situations where they do not- no one is perfect (even perfectionism can be considered a deficit) Also, there is always a senior decision maker who can assist you to get what you want; study them and learn what they like. I often found I got good grades when I merely repeated back to the teacher what they said in class. People like to think that their views are important and that people will be influenced by them and adopt them. Cunning means being subtle so no strenuous effort should be applied (or seen- make your behaviour and achievements seem effortless and people will think you have some mysterious X factor quality about you; this will make you desirable).
Convey the Right Image.

A career or job is your professional life- it is not the personal laid back you. Be punctual, prudent, cautious- always seem to be busy – act like someone is always watching. Be friendly and polite to all in selected moments (often, and mistakenly,  many people confuse kindness for weakness). Write down what worked and what didn’t that day and how you can get better- this awareness and progress journal is vital for advancement. Over time, slowly and cumulatively you will gradually get better by making yourself valuable in the position. Eventually, you’ll impress people you can do much more if you’re considered; your rise will be gradual. There may be grumblings to your promotion but it will be seen as the right thing to do for the organisation (when all along you planned this from the start). Few things feel better in life than when you accomplish your strategic objectives and kept your motives to yourself. Do what others don’t and you’ll go far.

The last secret of success is alway to be ambitious; always have a higher goal to aspire to. The older safe and content employees eventually calcify and their fears of insecurity become stronger; a self fulfilling prophecy often becomes realised- they are easily replaced. In business history, there are many examples of companies reaching the top of their industry or dominating market share only to be replaced by the more innovative, versatile and resourceful. Just remember: that it’s only from a strong position that you really do have a strong and secure position. Plan your success; don’t make the common mistake and leave it to chance.

Take Care & Cheers


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